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the innocent souls taken away too soon. crowds gather as the first funeral begins for one of the 26 people killd last friday. six-year-old noah pozner loved learning how things work. his sister was in a different classroom and survived. jack pinto, also six, a new york giants fan and funerals are planned throughout the week. >> we are helping to analyze and process the evidence and as i stated yesterday, the weaponry, every facet of the weapons will be utilized. >> reporter: sandy hook will remain a crime scene and closed indefinitely and comes as we learn more details about the gunman's rampage. authorities say he gained entry by smashing in a window and bypassing security. he was armed with two handguns,
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an assault driveel and ammunition [ indiscernible ] according to the authorities in newtown. >> reporter: they're analyzing evident, includes a computer that was heavily damaged and the hard drive removed. the police had no previous contact with lanza, the university he enrolled with in 2008, the officials there said there was no indication of trouble n. other schools in utah will -- in newtown will reopen tomorrow. the children are expected to go to classes at a different school. and the tragedy in connecticut reignited the gun laws. they both support stricter regulation of assault rifles. in the past, both have been strong advocates of the nra.
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antigun activists are stepping up their campaigns to demand tougher gun laws. nearly 100 protestors marched on capitol hill and another group gathered outside of the white house and have been protesting every monday since the movie theater massacre in colorado over the summer. michael bloomberg said the u.s. has to be firmer with the gun laws. >> and if the massacre in tucson was not enough to make them act and the blood shed in colorado and oak croak, wisconsin; portland, oregon, and other teams and towns, perhaps the slaughter of innocence at sandy hook elementary school will at long last be enough. >> mr. president, this afternoon the families of the newton -- . >> today, harry reid told senators congress has to do more to help protect americans from mass shootings.
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the school shooting is renewed talk of stricter gun control laws and how likely lyare we to see change? are members of congress ready for compromise? the staff writer at the hill joins us tonight and thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> can we expect congressional republicans to jump on board? >> reporter: think congressional republicans will be the last to jump on board. the senate democrats who have supported gone owners' rights in the past are willing to have a change of heart. senator reid in nevada, the nra contributed to his 2010 election campaign and called him a champion of the second amendment. he and joe mansion, the democrat from west virginia, and mark warner said they were willing to sit down and call
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forward a national conversation on gun violence and said that everything should be on the table, including control. >> and let me can you -- ask but that. they have been nra supporters and do we see any potential conflict in the future for their political careers or they're saying we don't care, we need to focus on the issue. >> and they're being vague right now and there is no proposal out there and depends on what the president offers. even a ban on high-capacity magazines because there is nothing concrete, it's hardtop the political impact. if they support a ban on the assault weapons and on high-
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capacity ammunition clips, then you can see political fallout in the future and we have seen time and time again that politicians who sent gun control are punished at the polls and that is the third realm of politics when people are talking about cutting medicare and associate and if you a politician, you don't want to touch it. >> and last but not least, if you were a betting man, would you think we were going to see gun control legislation, the re- epstatement before the end of the president's second term? >> i don't. >> thank you very much for coming in. we appreciate you coming in tonight. >> thank you for having me. a maryland county plagued by violence and said this is the right time to talk about gun control. and prince georges county police held their event in laurel. the residents voluntarily
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surrender firearms and unwanted ammunition in exchange for gift cards. they necessary especially in the wake of the shooting in connecticut. >> a gun out of the house will save one life. >> and to date, police have collected more than 500 weapons through the program. >> another big story we're following tonight, a major development in the fiscal cliff negotiations. today, president obama and house speaker john boehner met face-to-face. it comes after the speaker proposed a plan to allow for some tax increases on high- income earners. fox 5 political reporter tom fitzgerald joins us tonight. are we closer to a deal here? >> reporter: the situation is this on monday night right now, shawn. there is no deal at the moment, week be looking at a different situation toward the end of the week. the talks have not produced a
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deal and could be the start of real negotiations. with the fiscal cliff deadline now 14 days away, a silent speaker john boehner returned to the capitol after meetings with the president. he wants deeper budget cuts, the president wants tax hikes on the wealthy. >> and that remains his position. >> reporter: jay carney didn't say what happened in the meeting but said that the president is committed to raising taxes on top earners. >> a certain level of revenue gleaned from the wealthy has to be met. the only way to do that is to go through in part rates rising. >> the white house wants tax hikes on incomes over $250,000. speaker boehner's new proposal is to increase taxes for incomes over $1 million. >> we made a reasonable offer and it's up to the white house. >> reporter: he called for
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compromise last week. his new offer also demands that the $1 trillion in new taxes is matched by spending cuts from democrats. >> if the president will step up, we can do good in the days ahead. >> reporter: many republicans said they would not let anyone's taxes go up. but since failing to reach a deal would raise taxes on everyone, that stance is softening. >> i am prepared to support the agreement. >> there is a gap between $250,000 the million dollar. it's in the right direction. >> the bottom line, either lawmakers will reach a deal before new years or the nation goes over the fiscal cliff and everyone's taxes, millionaires and middle class, will both go up. >> there is other factor
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affecting this and congressional leaders are keeping an eye on the calendar and holiday travel is a big factor. members of congress are to be ready in case a deal comes through. >> we'll be watching. thank you. senator inouyue of hawaii died. he's the second longest serving senator. he dies after fighting emphysema and respiratory complications. the last words were aloha. he was 88 years old. still ahead, some customers are playing santa claus. unsuspects waitress and it was not a lump of coal. sue. >> and those are favorite types of stories this time of the year, shawn. i have to let you know that we have a bit of fog out there and so much so that just awhile ago, a dense fog advisory was expanded to include the entire metro area. i will let you know how long it will be hanging around. scott, won't these redskins to
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keep hanging around. what a weekend. >> the redskins prove they can get it done without rg3 on sunday. the question s will they have to do it again this coming weekend in philadelphia? the doctors still awaiting approval to return to the game field. plus, another redskin busted for prancing-drugs. we'll tell you who that is straight ahead in the sports edge. 
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. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is fighting for the district's respect, pushing for a provision to the 2013 defense authorization bill to require the armed forces to display d.c.'s flags and the flags of thive if territories whenever she said she never wants anyone in the military to feel singled out after serving. the first black senator. governor haley named scott as the replacement. demint is stepping down to become the president of the
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conservative think thank -- think tank, the heritage foundation. coming up on the news edge tonight. >> if you ever waited tables, you know how hard it s. i'm beth parker. coming up, the story of a gigantic tip just in time for the holidays. >> >> . >> and if the cold weather has you down, pretend it's summer time. the latest facebook trend called frosting. that is when people dress up in summer gear and that picture's re-creating their favorite summer activities. for some people, as you can see, it's probably tough. especially on the snow. n the s oh, my gosh. did you see that lady lying in the snow of the snowman? i'm not going to try that one. we'll be right back. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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. a waitress at a northern virginia restaurant working on her college degree got a surprise. beth parker tells us how a
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little holiday cheer is helping out this holiday season. >> reporter: they came, they ate, they tip bombed. what is a tip bomb? it's a surprisingly huge tip for a waiter or waitress. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: and he was not even the recipient. he is the head coach at glory days restaurant and sports bar on nuttily street in fairfax. he will be the first to tell you that servers earn their money. >> they work hard on the beat, 10, 11, 12 hours a day. >> reporter: watch the video taken during lunch this past friday. a group came in to glory days. >> unbeknownst to us. they didn't tell anyone or talk to anyone. >> reporter: however. >> they went above and beyond and do did this gracious thing. >> reporter: we tracked down the member of the group. they wanted to remain anonymous. it's captured on video. the total bill is 208, the tip, a whopping 903 and 400%. >> the server had initial reaction of that there was a mistake made. >> reporter: the group quickly scooted out of the door.
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later, the server got a chance to talk to them on the phone. the tip bombers chose the restaurant and didn't necessarily select this wait rest and happens to be at this table in her section. >> a very long-term employee and you don't see that in restaurants a lot. someone who worked here a long time. i know there are college student as well and i am sure that will help with something somewhere down the line. >> reporter: they have a website, and they're hoping it's coptableeous. >> and i think if you get on. >> and fox 5 news. what a great story that is. >> and speaking of great, and mine came downstairs. what are you doing? sue palka said. who is that? >> i love him. >> and i am goinbomb your son for that.
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and the only down side request is it's foggy out there. >> yeah. >> and that is because there is a lot of warm air aloft and the cold air is trapped below and at all of the moisture. it's called an inversion and getting bogged down and as we look at the tire cam here, hard to make details and just awhile ago within the last 30 to 45 minutes, a dense fog advisory has gone into affect for the infire area. it was a problem this morning and hasn't gotten better. the weather service expandd this in the morning and we need two things tonight as a frontal boundary finally swings on through. maybe it will chase the rest of the fog out of here. the visibilities are poor and especially in northeastern maryland. and now we're finding a couple of other spots beginning to drop. this is one of the worst spots with baltimore down to .3 of a mile. when you're getting down there to that level, it's hard to so and now we're finding dallas is is also dropping, and manasses. we think this might be an
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issue. so, we may need a little bit of extra travel time. we expect showers and basically missed -- missed today, and looks like it may have rained all day. the first batch went to the north and we have a frontal boundary. can you see it here and it has a squaw line with it and we're not expecting that to get in here. when you have an inversion like this and that kind of weather, it takes the sizzle out of all of it and later tonight, that boundary should swing through and to mix up the atmosphere and to get rid of the wind. rid of the fog and that might take until morning before that happens. meanwhile, it's been the temperature profile that is all over the place. po degrees in the district. baltimore with all of the fog has been socked in and your temperatures are 48 degrees. i am not sure it's warmer than that in baltimore all day long and down to our south, we find temperatures near 60, where the warm front is. and overnight, not going to be a cold one, for sure and we'll stay in the upper 40s to low 50s, but the fog will be a constant presence for awhile
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and later, we think showers will come through and the frontal boundary will come on through after that and we should be drier before sunrise with a temperature of 48. the winds should pick up enough and during the day tomorrow. all of the fog will get chased out of here. 58 degrees tomorrow. another warm day for the sunshine. winds out of the west at 10 to 20 and maybe a spotty late-day shower. preparing you for the evening fog now. the sun and clouds at 8 in the morning, 49 and by noon, breezy and 56 and by 4:00, 56 degrees, maybe a couple of pop-up showers here and there and not a particularly wet day. your fox 5 accuweather seven- day forecast. look at this december, wow. staying mild, we're 54 degrees on wednesday and with lots of sun. thursdays a rather stormy day, a mild one. 55 degrees with rain coming through and probably any time after, say, 2:00 in the afternoon. and that is out of here by friday at 46 degrees and we're heading into a big travel weekend with temperatures that are much more seasonable and also dry travel weather.
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>> that is good. >> yeah. >> a very good forecast. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. and spoke of good, the redskins other rookie quarterback perform lead in his first nfl start. what does that mean for rg3 next week? scott smith is live from redskins park with the sports edge. and a small dog is quite the athlete. the two-year-old duo is not only coordinated, so you will love him. he's fashionable with his red glasses -- glasses and cape. skateboard, bike, and balance on top of a rolling ball. >> i would love to see it. >> yeah. >> i hate this. >> apparently he put that on his singles listing on the dating website. >> oh. and he's a ladies man. performs tricks and hands out roses as well. . >> this is colonel perez in afghanistan, i would like to wish a happy holiday season to my family in virginiava,
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trisha, a leasia, christina, and carlos. i miss and love you. 
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. smiles from redskins park. the redskins in a tie for first place in the nfc east, a three- way tie, mind you, and they do owe the tiebreaker over the giants and cowboys and they're in first place. they control their own destiny from here on out and there is some injuries to get through. offensive line and tyler polum bus with a concussion and he'll be monitored throughout the week and we will know about his status coming up on wednesday and a fellow offensive lineman, jordan black, suspended for four games and story festing positive. he is the second redskin in the past few weeks to test
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positive. essentially, that ends his regular season with the redskins. a big win yesterday, 38-21, and in the first start, and the change at this pinpoint pass to leonard hankerson. amid the traffic, pulls in a 54- yarder and showed off the running ability and he was actually the longest carry of the game right here. cousins finished with a 329- yard passing and two touchdowns, again, he was asked about his performance. >> i said to my dad last night, going to be the highs of the highs or the lowest of the lows and there is not much in between. it's a game that i will remember for a long time, and you know, if i die tomorrow, i can say i started again in the nfl and we won. that is a good feeling. >> saturday night, a team
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meeting. rg3 was informed that he would not play against the browns. yesterday, he still took part in a pregame workout with that sprained right knee praised -- braced up. the gm bruce allen, closely monitoring rg3 and after the wind. griffin did not mince words regarding how he felt about being a spectator. >> players play. at the end of the day, that is what they went with. >> doctors give his okay. he's going to play, you know. that is what we get paid for. that is what they do when you have guys like london fletcher and trent williams and they're hobbled right now. we expect everyone to play if the doctor's okay. jot wizards and john wall, where's working out on his own today and shooting for a rare photo op for the cameras.
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he's not participated in all season. lasted from, wall received a lubricating injection in the knee from a doctor in new york, which will, hopefully, allow him to ramp up his workouts. could he miss the entire season? all right, we don't have john wall, of course, the wizards play the hawks coming up tomorrow night and we'll see what his future has in store. back to you guys. >> scott, thank you so much. and thank you for joining us tonight on the news edge. we'll see you here at 10. he's tmz on tv. next.
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